It is the use of purposeful activity with individuals who are limited by physical injury or illness, psychological dysfunction, developmental or learning disabilities, poverty and cultural differences or aging process in order to maximize independence, prevent disability and maintain health.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST Is a professional concerned with assessment, management and prevention of problems which affect activities or tasks in the occupations of self-care, work and leisure. They work with people whose occupations of self-care, work and leisure are impaired by physical illness or injury, emotional disorders, congenital or developmental disability or the aging process.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES Are provided individually, in groups or through social systems and may include:

  1. Teaching daily living skills
  2. Developing perceptual-motor skills and sensory integrative functioning
  3. Developing play skills, pre-vocational/a vocational skills and task analysis
  4. Designing, fabricating, or applying selected orthotic and prosthetic devices
  5. Analyzing, selecting and using adaptive equipmentUsing therapeutically analyzed crafts, games and toys to enhance functional performance
  6. Administering and interpreting tests such as manual muscle and range of motion
  7. Adaptation of physical environments for the handicapped.

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