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Council introduced several bodies ``Boards`` for various services, introduced, promoted, advocated degree courses of allied health in Pakistan. Council maintains a register for certain allied healthcare professionals. The board as being highest professional body of its domain may prescribe updates, changes, content, teaching or training methodologies, addional courses where necessary. The founder members are heads of all boards are full members with voting rights. Decisions are made with simple majority. The member comes from boards of registration remains for the term of four years

Promote & Encourage

To promote and encourage the establishment of an internationally recognized standard of training in All Disciplines of Allied Health Professions

Adopt & Uphold

Adopt and uphold standards for educational preparation for entry into the allied health professions


Adopt and uphold standards of professional behavior consistent with the level of responsibility required by professional practice


To recognize individuals qualified in various allied health disciplines


To further the education of the public about Allied Health Professions by way of meetings, exhibitions, displays, seminars, lectures, films, video recordings, publications, and other forms of instruction and publication


To develop and maintain for public use, a register of each discipline, who practice to the standards required by the Council and abide by the Council’s Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice


To supervise for the protection and benefit of the public and practitioners, the ethical behavior of those persons on the register and maintain discipline among those persons


To develop the curricula, decide teaching and evaluation methodologies in allied health professions

Registration with the Council.

Council of Allied Health Sciences Pakistan has been established since 2001. “Council” introduced several bodies “Boards” for various services, Introduced, Promoted, advocated Degree courses of Allied Health in Pakistan. Council maintains a register for certain Allied healthcare professions. It is a requirement for healthcare professionals working in these roles to be registered with the Council. Applicants of this Professional Registration must meet the standards for training, professional skills, behavior and health.

Obtaining Registration

Students, who successfully complete programs of Allied Health which are approved or list in courses introduced by the Council, are eligible to apply for registration with this council. Once registered, practitioners are required to retain their names on the register, by fulfilling prescribed requirements such as CPD, CME and by paying biannual fee.


01. Council

Council of Allied Health Sciences Pakistan “CAHSP”


Allied Health Professional “AHP”

03. Board

The “Board” of this “Council” or its designated

04. Registration

A document granted by the Board as proof of the privilege that the AHP has been approved by the Board to practice his/her discipline. The Registration must be kept with the person and posted/filed at the site of practice

05. Temporary Registration

A Registered under certain prescribed conditions for a limited period of time. A holder of a temporary Registration must practice under the supervision of a supervisor in that discipline

06. Expired

The date of validity of registration has passed. A lapsed or inactive Registration

07. Renewal of Registration

A Registration shall expire after prescribed tenure from the date of registration of the Professional. The filing of a Registration renewal form is the responsibility of the AHPs. A Registration application must be submitted to the Board and the submission of fee prior to the renewal/expiration date of the Registration

08. Supervision

A process by which two or more people participate in joint effort to establish, maintain and elevate a level of performance. Supervision requires the physical presence of all parties at regularly scheduled supervision sessions. Supervision is structured according to the supervisee’s qualifications, position, level of preparation, depth of experience and the environment within which the supervisee functions

09. Direct Supervision

A process by which a supervisor is on the premises and available to provide supervision in the form of aid, direction, and instruction when procedures or activities are performed

10. Supervisor

A person who holds a current unrestricted Registration issued by the Board authorizing such person to practice the same discipline as the supervisee(s). A supervisor possesses skill, experience or education in excess of that possessed by the supervisee(s). The supervisor is responsible for the standard of services performed by the supervisee(s) and shall have knowledge of the patients/clients receiving professional services from the supervisee(s) and the issues/problems involving such services

11. Student

Any person admitted in an accredited or approved program in Allied Health. Or pursuing a supervised course of study leading to a degree. Students are also involved in clinical affiliations/ Settings which are part of their educational program, may perform duties commensurate with their level of education under supervision of an approved supervisor

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