A dental technologist, an integral member of the dental team, specializes in fabricating custom restorative and dental appliances based on prescriptions from dental clinicians. Dental technology encompasses four primary disciplines: fixed prosthesis (such as crowns, bridges, and implants), removable prosthesis (including dentures and removable partial dentures), maxillofacial prosthesis (encompassing ocular and craniofacial prostheses), and orthodontics and auxiliaries (covering orthodontic appliances and mouth guards).

Communication between the dentist and the dental technologist involves sharing prescriptions, drawings, and measurements obtained from the patient. A crucial step in this process is the creation of a dental impression, into which the technologist pours gypsum dental stone to generate a replica of the patient's anatomy, known as a dental model. Subsequently, the technologist utilizes this model to fabricate custom appliances.

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